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Speed Indicator Unit

The electronic control unit (ECU) of the multiple speed limiter changes the top speed limit of the vehicle using location information transferred from the GNSS receiver unit. The ECU is a combined module with electronic pedal interface and valve output and approved as per European union standards (R10 & R89) for speed limiting device. The set speed of any particular location is compared to the saved geo-location information and updated automatically.


The device can display the speed limit at which speed limiter is supposed to control the vehicle. This information is received from the GNSS system. The new speed limit information will be displayed along with an audible warning. This device will be installed in front of the driver to get the real-time information about the prevailing speed limit.

Location scan system (LSS) is a GPS/GLONASS based device with GSM module which can receive and store fence information inside, and also able to communicate with speed limiter system and indicator.

The geo-fence data will be received through SMS from the mobile application. A total of 25 fences can be created and stored in the internal memory.

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Thinture Road speed limiter programmer

Electronic Control Unit

Location Scan System

approval agencies for Thinture road speed limiter

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Automatic multiple speed limiter controls vehicle speed at preset  geo-fenced speed limit areas without any extra effort..

multiple speed limite system
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A normal speed limiter can control the vehicle speed at only one top speed limit. For overcoming this limitation, we made a system earlier which can control the vehicle at two different speeds. It detects the terrain using a vibration sensor and switches over the vehicle speed to a secondary speed when vehicle enters a rough terrain. This system is used in petroleum development areas for many years. This system became obsolete now, as most of the roads are tarred.

Thinture Speed-Eye multiple speed limiter can control the vehicle speed at 25 different speed limits, automatically. A GNSS based receiver will identify the location and speed limit. A particular area is fenced and speed limit information is added to it, by using a mobile application. The system is fully developed in-house by Thinture. The speed limiter can control the vehicle using two different modes, ie, with valve control method or by using electronic pedal interface.

Setting various speed limit fences


Using the application, various speed limit areas can be created. The details of the fence can be transferred to the device by sending SMS.

Once fence is SET, the device will respond with SMS. The device can handle many fences with more than 100 kms radius, at a time. The speed limiter will control the vehicle at a default speed until the vehicle enters a fenced area. The vehicle will be controlled at the set speed limit for that area. The indicator will show the prevailing speed limit, and a warning beeper will also be initiated.

The speed limiter is universal type and can be used for valve type or pedal type vehicles.

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